4 Reasons You Should Have a Wedding Video

Brides and grooms spend thousands of dollars on clothes, flowers, the venue, food, and cake. While a great photographer can capture many of the details in extremely beautiful still pictures; pictures alone can’t completely capture the entire magical experience of the day. We’ve got 4 great reasons you’ll want to have a wedding video at your wedding.

1. Loved Ones
You’ve included older relatives who might not be around much longer. You’ve also invited loved ones who you don’t see that often because they live far away from you. These loved ones might not make it into many of the wedding photographs because the photographer can’t capture every single moment with every person at the wedding and reception. It’s impossible.

2. The Day Flies Quickly
There’s no way you’ll see all of the moments during your wedding and reception. While you’re dressing, guests are arriving. You won’t get to see their reactions to the venue or decorations. Without a video, you’ll miss many of their reactions during the ceremony as well. You’ll also miss the wedding party, including the adorable ring bearer and beautiful flower girl, walking down the aisle if you don’t hire a videographer.

3. Sound
With pictures, you’re going to get some beautiful moments that can be treasured forever, but you’re not going to get the sounds. The excited voices of your family as they watch you marry the love of your life will be missed. You won’t hear well-wishes from relatives and friends. The laughter and the joy will be missing from the photographs. You’ll be able to capture the emotion of the day much better with video.

4. Viral Videos
That amazing dance routine between various members of your wedding party won’t be captured unless you hire a videographer. The father-daughter dance won’t be captured in its entirety with the full emotion of the moment unless it’s filmed on video. You’ll be able to upload the best moments to your social media for the entire family to see.