About Us

Our passion is quality flowers for all to enjoy.  As our slogan states, it’s in our nature to give a great product and great service.  We have been located in Highland, Utah since 1992.  Read on to learn more about us and our Event and Utah wedding reception center operations.

Highland Gardens’ roots grow deep.  Starting as a wholesale supplier in 1984, we  supplied independent nurseries around the state of Utah.  With a simple formula of hard work, the wholesale business quickly grew and needed space for expansion.

In 1992, the business moved on to 6 acres located in Highland, Utah and became Highland Farms.  Within another year, it expanded an additional 4 acres.  Currently, there are over 80 greenhouses and over 150,000 square feet of growing space.

Highland Farms opened a retail site shortly after known as Highland Gardens.  Local customers could come directly to the grower for their quality plants.  As word spread, the small flower shop grew in popularity and reputation for quality and customer service.

In 2005, Highland Gardens made a major improvement with the construction of its double atrium greenhouse for its retail center.  This building has solidified the local customer relationship that has made Highland Gardens a success.

The beauty of the double atrium was inspiration again to create another venue for others to enjoy.  In 2008, a portion of the atrium was dedicated for receptions and event center.  Decorated with live tropical gardens and water features, the Utah wedding reception center at Highland Gardens has become one of the best secrets for wedding receptions and events and has quickly become one of the most sought after Utah wedding reception center.

Every year Highland Gardens sells over 15,000 baskets and planters, and over 80,000 flats of flowers.  In 2012, we started branching out offering our flowers, baskets, and planters in mobile satellite tent locations.  We were in Davis, Salt Lake, Utah, and Weber Counties.