Reception ceremony room

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Non Traditional Utah County Wedding Entertainment

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The most creative and non-conforming weddings are always the most memorable. Having non-cliché, out-of-the-box entertainment can really add depth to a Utah County wedding. Here are just some of many non-traditional ideas for fun at any Utah County wedding. 1. Fire Breather How insane (the good kind of insane) does that sound? Not too many receptions can boast about having had a fire breather. Kick the heat up with this type of act and leave guests in awe. 2. Caricaturist The best thing about having a caricaturist is that the guests can bring...

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Rehearsal Dinner

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In addition to the bride and groom, many friends and family members expend themselves both financially and physically in the preparation of the wedding. One of the ways that the bride and groom can show their appreciation for the support of friends and family; is by having a rehearsal dinner. What Is a Rehearsal Dinner? The rehearsal dinner is a time for both the bride’s and groom’s family to get to know each other in a more relaxed setting. It is held one or two days prior to the wedding. Rehearsal dinners are held in the...

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Alternative Guestbook Ideas

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A wedding guestbook is a lovely tradition that allows wedding attendees to share their favorite memories and best wishes for the bride and groom during the reception. Unfortunately, signing a guestbook is often overlooked as guests may not be aware that your reception has one or even where it is located. Listed below are several alternative ideas for a unique, eye-catching guestbook that are fun and engaging for your guests and allow you to relive your special day. Jigsaw Puzzle or Jenga Pieces Have your guests write a personal message on a...

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Wedding Ceremony Music

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Finding the right wedding ceremony music doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Understanding the basic types of wedding music, when they are to be used, and how they should sound, is a gift to every bride. Wedding Ceremony Music Basics The basics begin with three song types: prelude, processional, and recessional. The prelude is light, welcoming music. The processional accompanies the wedding party down the aisle, and the recessional plays as everyone leaves down the aisle after the ceremony. Consider the Space Before song selections are...

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4 Reasons You Should Have a Wedding Video

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Brides and grooms spend thousands of dollars on clothes, flowers, the venue, food, and cake. While a great photographer can capture many of the details in extremely beautiful still pictures; pictures alone can’t completely capture the entire magical experience of the day. We’ve got 4 great reasons you’ll want to have a wedding video at your wedding. 1. Loved Ones You’ve included older relatives who might not be around much longer. You’ve also invited loved ones who you don’t see that often because they live far away...

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Non-traditional Wedding Music

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Weddings are becoming less traditional all the time; and why not? A wedding is a very personal celebration and should reflect the personality of the couple. One way to do that is to use non-traditional wedding music as part of your wedding. Wedding music is big component of a wedding celebration and can set the tone for your entire wedding. Starting from the very beginning of the ceremony, you can incorporate your personal taste in music. It is traditional to play classical or orchestral wedding music as part of the processional, but maybe...

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How to Pick Your Bridesmaids

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Choosing bridesmaids doesn’t have to be stressful. By following a few important guidelines, you will be able to choose the best group of women who will help make your big day as enjoyable as possible. Leave the Drama Behind One of the first things you need to do when choosing bridesmaids is to think about the people who will be the easiest to work with. Of course, you may have a host of sisters and friends who really want to be in your Utah County wedding. However, you should always choose those who won’t cause unnecessary drama. A Utah...

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Tips to a Perfect Winter Wedding

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While winter weddings are beautiful no matter the season, a ceremony in the heart of winter can be truly magical. Read on for tips to begin planning your perfect winter wedding. Cozy Up As temperatures fall during the wintertime, you’ll want to ensure you and your guests will stay comfortable (and warm!) throughout the day. Be sure you and your bridal party have something to wear over your attire for any outdoor photos or traveling. A cozy shawl or luxurious fur coat atop your winter wedding dress can be stunning and dreamy, even if it’s only...

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Have a Summer Wedding in Winter

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Planning a summer wedding in the wintertime may seem like an impossible feat, but dreams can come true! So how can you create a “summer wedding” in winter? Well, you won’t have to ship everyone down to a Caribbean island to get the best weather. Instead, you can hold your summer-type wedding in a beautiful environment at the Reception Center at Highland Gardens. You’ll love the gorgeous dual-atrium glass architecture and the lush, tropical gardens that will surround you and your guests – even in the middle of a snowy day! In fact,...

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