How to Pick Your Groomsmen

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Your wedding is fast approaching and it’s a pivotal moment in your life. You stand before family and friends to unite with the love of your life. You want to share in this special occasion with those who are close to you. One of your most challenging decisions will be choosing your groomsmen. Take some simple tips in order to make this monumental decision a bit easier. It’s All in the Family Take a look at most weddings and you will see that siblings are at the top of the list. If you have brothers and you have a solid...

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Winter Wedding colors

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Often, the first thing a bride thinks about when planning her wedding is the colors of her wedding. Some brides like to stick to the traditional black and white wedding, while others dare to be different, unique and bold. Here are a few suggestions that offer just a glimpse of the color themes you might choose for your winter wedding. White & Green: Neutral colors for a winter wedding create a classic look that can also be combined with other colors. Pink & Yellow: One of the most popular flowers from last year’s winter weddings was...

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Pets And Utah County weddings

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Pets make loving companions, and most pet owners consider them to be a member of the member. Some couples have even successfully opted to include pets in their Utah County wedding ceremony. Many of the nontraditional Utah County wedding venues like Highland Gardens are quite suitable for having your furry, four-legged best friend or other pet at the ceremony. Some pets may be able to have a specific role such as ring-bearer or flower girl. The rings can be attached to the pet’s neck with a pretty ribbon, or she can wear a specially...

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Have A Halloween Wedding

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The romance of autumn is sorely underrated. The chill in the air, beautiful fall leaves, smoky air, and early evenings gives autumn a crisp feeling; perfect for a memorable event such as a wedding. If Halloween’s always been one of your favorite holidays, a Halloween wedding can be just as elegant and beautiful as a spring wedding. Unlike holiday weekends in May, June, and July, Halloween is a date that will be less expensive for airline travel and hotel accommodations. Plus, your long-distance friends and family will be less likely to have...

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Tips For Creating A Memorable Utah County Wedding Reception

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While every wedding reception is memorable, perhaps you want your Utah County wedding reception to stand out a bit more over the traditional reception highlights of a beautiful dress, dancing, flowers, music, etc. You may want to make your Utah county wedding reception a little more memorable. To make yours stand out, create unique details that will be as memorable for guests as for you. Here are eight ideas for personalizing your Utah County wedding reception. Send a welcome postcard to out-of-town invites from the city that the reception...

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Have A Garden Wedding In Fall

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We certainly hear enough about spring and summer weddings. But the fall season happens to be a wondrous time to tie the knot. To start, it hasn’t the popularity of those other seasons. This can be used to your advantage. During spring and summer, the more sought after venues are less likely to be available. Wedding planners, caterers, photographers, etc., will be busy, juggling multiple projects. In the fall, you will be able to plan the wedding of your dreams with little hindrance or adjustments to your vision. Combine your fall wedding with...

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Fall Wedding Pitfalls: How To Avoid Them

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  You don’t have to let your guests sit in the summer heat. There are beautiful colored leaves. Even the most popular venues, caterers, photographers, etc., will likely be available. And even cost less than the heavily scheduled spring and summer seasons. These are only a few of the reasons fall weddings are growing in popularity. But these events do come with their own seasonal obstacles. But like marriage itself, there is no impediment that can’t be overcome if you take advantage of the Reception Center at Highland Gardens. Be...

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Fall Wedding Myths

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There are many advantages to a fall wedding, including the potential for lower pricing in the off season and a greater availability of popular venues. But the idea of getting married during the autumn months comes with a few myths that have deterred many from having their dream day during a perfectly wondrous time of the year. Here are some of the greater known (and untrue) myths that have been floating around regarding fall weddings. They have to be held indoors. Completely false. Placed at just the right time of year, weddings in the fall...

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Utah Wedding Guest Attire

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The guest attire for your Utah wedding is often not discussed prior to the ceremony. People receive an invitation to the wedding, but they are not instructed on how to dress. You must take stock of the ceremony you will have, construct the ideal guest attire protocol and communicate this to your guests. Formal Attire Formal attire is often disregarded at most weddings. The members of the bridal party are in formal attire, but the guests are not expected to follow suit. However, you can create a beautiful Utah wedding day when you ask everyone...

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How late is too late?

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You’re getting married, opening the door to a bright new future. At one of the most exciting times of your life, you are going to have a long list of details to attend to. From choosing a location for the wedding itself, a caterer, and gowns, to the venue for your Utah wedding reception; putting a wedding together means a great deal of coordination. Timing is of the essence as well. If you want to put on the wedding of your dreams, you need to make sure you stay on schedule. Otherwise, you could be too late, missing out on many of the...

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