A Candy Bar Utah Wedding Reception

If you have a sweet tooth, then having a candy bar at your Utah wedding reception might be a great idea. A candy bar is a great way to bring your guests together and make for a memorable event. You can use your candy bar to reflect your personal taste in candies from chocolates to sour candies. You can even use the candy bar as part of your wedding favors. Here are some tips to making the candy bar at your Utah wedding reception great.

You will want your candy bar to stand out and draw attention. A great way to draw attention to your bar is to add height in places and use a variety of vases, bowls and jars. You will want to sort candy by color or by theme. If your Utah wedding reception has a theme, you will want to carry them over to your candy bar. You can even weave decorations throughout the display jars of candies.

Take Away
Your candy bar is a great way to give your guests a gift to take home. At one end of the candy bar, organize a variety of bags and boxes that your guests can fill with candy and take home as a party favor. If you look, you can find Chinese take-out cartons in a variety of colors that will match your wedding to encourage guests to take them home filled with sweets and happy memories.

Special Messages
On each jar of candy, you can add a label with the name of the candy and a special message to your guests. Perhaps, you shared a bag of M&Ms on your first date with your groom. You will want to write a note about the “perfect first date” snack on the jar.

Getting It Out
When planning your candy bar, do not forget one of the essential elements, the tongs and scoops. You will not want your guests dipping their hands into the candy, getting chocolate on their fingers and leaving germs behind. Make sure that you have all the scoops and tongs that you need with a few extras for any accidental droppings.

Having a candy bar Utah wedding reception is a great way to bring sweetness to your wedding. If you provide a large enough selection, there will be a favorite for all of your guests.