How to Choose Your Bridal Party Extras

When it comes to your wedding day, you’ll find a large cast of friends and family who would like to be a part of your special moment, even if they are behind the scenes. While you are limited in who can join you in your wedding party, you can still involve other important people in your lives. You’ll honor them and make them feel appreciated as they play a vital role in your day.

Pick a Greeter
Allow someone extra special to be your welcoming committee, the one that meets everyone at the entrance and wishes them well. Your greeter provides an inviting touch and can send guests in the right direction, as well as pointing out the location of the cloak room and the rest room.

Select Readers
When you have sections of the ceremony that involve readers, this is the time when you can give family members and friends the chance to shine. Consider having a portion of the wedding when several people share special anecdotes about you to truly make the ceremony a personal one.

Add Entertainment
If someone you know plays an instrument or has a beautiful voice, tap into that talent. Why hire someone if you can allow the people who care about you to add that special touch? It will be all the more personal when you work on song selections together.

Choose Someone to Smooth Out Any Wrinkles
If you know a great organizer, let that person be on call when there are any glitches along the way. It is an essential part to play that will make that person feel extremely important, sparing you headaches along the way.

When you plan with care and include others in your wedding ceremony, it will truly make the moment unforgettable for others. The spirit of joy and celebration will continue as you all head to Highland Gardens for the close of your day. Make every moment count.