Have A Halloween Wedding

The romance of autumn is sorely underrated. The chill in the air, beautiful fall leaves, smoky air, and early evenings gives autumn a crisp feeling; perfect for a memorable event such as a wedding. If Halloween’s always been one of your favorite holidays, a Halloween wedding can be just as elegant and beautiful as a spring wedding. Unlike holiday weekends in May, June, and July, Halloween is a date that will be less expensive for airline travel and hotel accommodations. Plus, your long-distance friends and family will be less likely to have vacations already scheduled.

For a comprehensive Halloween wedding, pick colors based on the changing season. Look for jewel tones in orange, red, and purple for bridesmaid dresses, centerpieces, candles, and invitations. Pick bohemian-inspired fabrics like tulle, satin, and patterned cottons. Of course, black is the perfect accent color for every Halloween wedding outfit or piece of decor.

Your decorations should reflect why you love Halloween enough to base your wedding on it. If you love the way nature looks during Halloween, buy fake autumn leaves to scatter in your reception hall, and plan a bonfire for your post-wedding cocktail hour. If you love dark and Gothic styles, incorporate candelabras and Victorian themes into your ceremony’s decor. And if you’ve been competing with your friends for the best costume every Halloween since you were young, encourage your guests to dress up.

Don’t forget why both children and adults love Halloween: all of the sweets! Pack bags of candy for your guests to pick up before they leave, and make sure your wedding cake is perfectly Halloween-themed. (The bakery you choose will be thrilled to work on such a creative wedding cake.) You might want to consider having other spooky desserts as well, like orange-and-chocolate cake pops or cupcakes.

If you’re thinking about a Halloween wedding, look into booking with Highland Gardens as soon as possible; this holiday is quickly becoming a popular wedding date.