Handle Any Wedding Problem Like a Superhero

When you’re planning a wedding, you hope everything will go off without a hitch. However, life doesn’t usually happen that way. Be prepared and you can roll with the punches. It will feel like your superhero cape is hiding under your wedding finery when you take everything in stride. Here are a few tips to ensure all goes well.

1. Have a Back Up Plan
If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, you need to have a Plan B in case the weather does not cooperate. Whether you opt for a tent that can be erected quickly the night before or you choose your ceremony on grounds that also have an indoor facility. The last thing you need is to feel like a drowned rat while saying, “I do.”

2. Think About Emergencies
You may have a diabetic in attendance or someone who tends to get overheated. Perhaps others are always getting butterflies in their stomach when they get overly excited. Have an assortment of odds and ends on hand. From juice and snacks for someone with low blood sugar, to mints, and a cold drink. Be sure to have plenty of tissues as well.

3. Don’t Forget a Sewing Kit
Sewing may be a lost art, but you don’t need to be a seamstress to perform simple repairs. Bring needles, thread, and scissors in the event that someone has a wardrobe malfunction. From a popped button to a simple tear, you can save the day.

4. Pick a Great Sidekick
Find that good friend who is great at keeping everything together. This can be your go-to source of aid when troubles crop up, allowing you to breathe a sigh of relief. You will be able to smooth out any wrinkles before heading to the reception center for the celebration.