Indoor Or Garden Wedding?

For many couples planning a wedding, the first decision to make is location. That decision can be made even harder if they are trying to decide between an indoor or Utah garden wedding.

There are many pros and cons to having an indoor or Utah garden wedding. The most obvious is weather. The biggest benefit to choosing an indoor location is that the wedding can go on no matter what the weather is doing outside. Rain, snow and extreme temperatures are no problem with a ceremony and reception site that is indoors. In addition, an indoor site means the couple can plan their wedding anywhere they want at any time of year.

In contrast, choosing to have a Utah garden wedding means an added level of stress and worry as the couple wonders about the weather on their wedding day. Does a tent need to be purchased? What about heaters or umbrellas to ward of the elements for guests? The biggest benefit to a Utah garden wedding is the simplicity and beauty that comes from planning a wedding in a lush, garden setting. Money can be saved because couples can use the flora around them as their flowers. The setting is also perfect for a romantic, nature-based wedding that only a garden venue can provide.

That is what makes Highland Gardens the perfect location for a couple that wants a Utah garden wedding with the added benefit of being inside. The indoor garden wedding reception center offers an enclosed atrium full of lush and fragrant tropical flowers in the midst of several water features. The venue also includes a complete kitchen and the ability to set up tables and chairs, allowing guests to sit among the beautiful flowers without worrying about the weather. Another amenity Highland Gardens offers is the space to prepare. Just off the atrium are rooms for the bride and groom to get ready for the ceremony and reception, something many outdoor locations do not offer.

Eliminate the stress by choosing Highland Gardens for your next Utah garden wedding.