Non Traditional Utah County Wedding Entertainment

The most creative and non-conforming weddings are always the most memorable. Having non-cliché, out-of-the-box entertainment can really add depth to a Utah County wedding. Here are just some of many non-traditional ideas for fun at any Utah County wedding.

1. Fire Breather
How insane (the good kind of insane) does that sound? Not too many receptions can boast about having had a fire breather. Kick the heat up with this type of act and leave guests in awe.

2. Caricaturist
The best thing about having a caricaturist is that the guests can bring home a really neat personalized souvenir from the wedding. It’s like a wedding favor and entertainment all in one.

3. Bounce House
These inflatables are not just for kids, and rightly so considering the fun factor they possess. For an outdoor summer Utah County wedding, a bounce house would be perfect and will make the wedding extra special. Just make sure guests know ahead of time so that appropriate attire can be worn.

4. Karaoke
Break the ice and amp up the fun with good ol’ fashion, but never outdated, karaoke. No DJ will be needed when the guests will be providing the music.

5. Photo Booth
This is another form of entertainment that also serves as a form of wedding favors. In recent years these booths have become easier to find as well. Guests will love taking pictures and sharing them.

6. Arcade
Arcades are actually available on wheels now so they can be rented for any occasion. Everyone will be sweetly surprised when they see the arcade. It’s hard not to have a smile when playing an arcade game and guests will leave overjoyed.

Having not so typical types of entertainment at a Utah County wedding is a great way to leave the whole crowd with amazing memories.  Remember that not many things are off limits, so be unique and leave everyone amazed!