Non-traditional Wedding Music

Weddings are becoming less traditional all the time; and why not? A wedding is a very personal celebration and should reflect the personality of the couple. One way to do that is to use non-traditional wedding music as part of your wedding. Wedding music is big component of a wedding celebration and can set the tone for your entire wedding. Starting from the very beginning of the ceremony, you can incorporate your personal taste in music. It is traditional to play classical or orchestral wedding music as part of the processional, but maybe you would prefer something that goes along with your theme. If it is a relaxed outdoor wedding, maybe some country music would be in order. During the wedding party processional, you can really enjoy yourself using songs that mean something to you. There are many beautiful choices for a non-traditional bridal entrance. Several brides have chosen to walk down the aisle to unique love songs that mean something to their relationships.

The reception is also a great time to showcase your personal style with some non-traditional wedding music. Many couples will choose to dance their first dance to one of the tried and true favorites, but what fun is that? Instead, you could dance to the theme song from your favorite show. Maybe you went to a Mexican restaurant on your first date. Honor that by dancing to some Latin music. Wedding music for father/daughter and mother/son dances, you could go with the usual tear-jerker songs, but it might be more meaningful to choose a song that has special significance. If you and your father listened to a special type of music together, then use that. Mother/son dances can be just as meaningful. Choose music that reflects your relationship, even if it’s not what people will be expecting. Throughout the reception you can use wedding music that fits with your wedding theme or even some top 40 hits. It’s your wedding, so you deserve to have some fun.