Pets And Utah County weddings

Pets make loving companions, and most pet owners consider them to be a member of the member. Some couples have even successfully opted to include pets in their Utah County wedding ceremony. Many of the nontraditional Utah County wedding venues like Highland Gardens are quite suitable for having your furry, four-legged best friend or other pet at the ceremony.

Some pets may be able to have a specific role such as ring-bearer or flower girl. The rings can be attached to the pet’s neck with a pretty ribbon, or she can wear a specially commissioned lei of flowers. But even if your pet would not be suitable for a part in the ceremony, there are other ways to include your best friend in your big day. Simply adorn him with a lei and a ribbon leash. Enlist a friend or family member to stay with your pet as an outside greeter. If even that isn’t possible, a creative photographer can suggest ways to include your pet in the Utah County wedding photos.

Keeping some important pointers in mind will ensure the success of including a pet in your Utah County wedding. First of all, consider your pet’s temperament. He needs to be comfortable around people, even if the crowd is small. If he is going to play a role, practice his part with him several times.

If your pet is a dog, it’s better to use a leash that is a little on the short side, especially if he is energetic or easily distracted. Consider any safety precautions that should be taken if your ceremony is to be held at an outside venue. Check with the florist that you commission to ensure that flowers and other plants she uses are not toxic to animals. Finally, hire a sitter for after-the-ceremony activities so that you are free to concentrate on your special day. A pet left on his own could result in a consumed Utah County wedding cake or any other such disaster.