Thank You Wedding Gift Ideas For Mom and Dad

Unquestionably one of the most sacred and illustrious milestones of their lifetime, a couple’s wedding represents the dawn of dreams yet to be realized; two souls, each with something unique to devote to the union. This day also marks a rare and special opportunity for expressing gratitude to parents of both bride and groom. They have likely bestowed a lifetime of lessons in love, respect and commitment. While nearly impossible to find an item or words that can adequately express appreciation for such a legacy, there are gestures that might come close.

The most essential wedding gift is consideration. Stealing moments with either bride or grooms parents; hugs, smiles, warm verbal exchanges and snapping informal photos shows them that this day is collectively special for your family and that they will forever remain an integral part of the union. This is a mental and emotional wedding gift, costs nothing and is perhaps the most critical. Remember, even on such a joyous occasion, for parents, it often embodies the process of letting go.

A strong loving sentiment can be conveyed by choosing a wedding gift symbolically connected to your nuptials. If it is within budget, what better way to thank Mom and Dad for being part of your special day than by giving them one of their own? A gift certificate for a weekend away, perhaps in celebration of their anniversary. Alternatively, a romance package with wine, candles, chocolate, fruit and a CD from one of their favorite musicians would do nicely as well. Include a heartfelt letter to each parent, expressing their individual significance to your enjoined lives. Another great wedding gift is to create a memory book for each set of parents. Include pictures with narratives that document memorable days. Lovingly detail what made the day special and how it may have helped shape your character, values and life interpretation.

Hold close at heart that experiences and gifts of self are always the most valued treasures for parents.