Tips For Creating A Memorable Utah County Wedding Reception

While every wedding reception is memorable, perhaps you want your Utah County wedding reception to stand out a bit more over the traditional reception highlights of a beautiful dress, dancing, flowers, music, etc. You may want to make your Utah county wedding reception a little more memorable. To make yours stand out, create unique details that will be as memorable for guests as for you. Here are eight ideas for personalizing your Utah County wedding reception.

  1. Send a welcome postcard to out-of-town invites from the city that the reception will take place. It’s a nice touch that guests will save with wedding photographs.
  2. Leave the mom and dad of both newlyweds a note at their seat, which they will find when they arrive. Express appreciate for the love and support that they’ve shown and how it’s brought you to this day.
  3. Make the guests a small part of the wedding party with an “About Us” program. Letting them know the Best Man has been the Groom’s best friend since junior high or one of the Bridesmaids is a back-up dancer for a local celebrity will encourage interaction and interest.
  4. Start the reception at an off-time. 5:04, not 5:00. 1:37, not 1:00 or 2:00. In fact, if you can remember the exact time the engagement ring was put on your finger, use that time.
  5. Instead of an ice swan, go for something distinctive and different. If you have a bar, arrange for a martini luge. Everyone will be talking about it.
  6. Forget toasts, ringing bells, and clinking glasses. Set up a karaoke machine and let your guests sing songs of love and thoughtfulness to accent your special day.
  7. Instead of a guestbook, have everyone sign a curtain, bed sheet or tablecloth that you will use in your home.
  8. Create an album of guest memories: set disposable cameras or notecards at each setting. Pass around a large autograph book so that instead of just a name, you get a little advice or joke.

To find unique and special ways for your Utah county wedding reception to stand out, think outside the white box. Engage guests on both a group and individual basis.