Tips For Writing Your Own Vows

Exchanging vows with your partner will be one of the most memorable and significant moments in your ceremony. While many other details will take priority before the big day, make the vow exchange much easier by taking a few steps to prepare beforehand.

Check First

Before writing your vows, make sure you have received permission from the official to do so. Some venues or sects prefer to stick to traditional vows from the Bible or other holy texts.

Start Early

Avoid postponing until the last days before the ceremony. You should be calm and clear-headed enough to give the vows the emotion they deserve. Write them when you have the free time to be relaxed and at ease.

Speak From the Heart

When expressing your heartfelt feelings, it is best to say how you genuinely feel. Don’t try to impress guests with cliché phrasing or over-the-top romantics during the ceremony. Speaking honestly will be easier to remember than reciting routine lines.

Keep it Short Enough

Keep in mind that you and your future spouse will have to memorize these vows. To make this easier, make sure to express yourself while keeping things quick enough to remember all you have to say. Also take consideration of the fact that your guests have to listen as well, so you want to avoid running so far that they lose interest in your words or the ceremony.

Practice Out Loud

You will have to speak in front of an audience, so it is best to not only memorize the words but to practice the oration as well to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Consider Saying Your Vows on the Spot

Most people prefer to plan ahead of time so they can decide on everything they would like to get across. In contrast, other people may find it easier to speak based on their feelings at the time. It may be more genuine to speak from the heart this way.