Transportation: Arrive and Depart in Style

Most brides look to create an overall experience for their wedding, which usually includes a stylish way of traveling to and from the wedding and reception venues. There are a large number of wedding transportation options that can provide a stylish mode of transport that fits in perfectly with any type of traditional, contemporary or even Utah garden wedding.

Still the most popular form of wedding transport, the traditional limo provides functionality and style. Not only can an oversized wedding dress fit easily in a limo, but so can a large number of bridesmaids, groomsmen and other members of the bridal party. For those brides looking for a contemporary version of the limo an SUV converted into a limo can add a modern edge and more passenger space to transportation problems.

Looking for a unique way to enhance a Utah garden wedding? Add a classic car! Classic cars can also bring a touch of class and retro flair to any wedding, for brides with an eye for elegance the use of a classic Rolls Royce or Bentley can add a touch of old Hollywood glamour to any wedding. Bridal parties looking for something a little different can add style to their wedding with the use of a retro classic, James Bond fans can usually find a classic Aston Martin for hire, or for muscle car fans a classic Mustang can often be found.

The traditional form of wedding transportation can be removed from any wedding party and a different vehicle brought into action to fit in with the style of wedding and the interests of the bride and groom. For many the use of motorcycles and bicycles has become a popular way of arriving and departing from their wedding. For those looking for a more rustic feel to their ceremony and after party, the use of a classic pickup truck or tractor often provides something that fits into their lifestyle and beliefs more than the traditional limo.