Wedding ceremony Tips

As you plan for your wedding, you want everything to be just right. You expect this to happen once in a lifetime and it has to be unforgettable. As you prepare to unite with your beloved, creating a bond that’s meant to last forever, take some simple tips to make your wedding ceremony run smoothly.

1. Choose the Location that Works for You
When it comes to the place where you will say your vows, pick the location that speaks to you. This is not the time to try and please everyone in the family. While your parents and siblings may have gone with a traditional church, you may be interested in your partner’s church or a new venue entirely. You’re setting the stage for your special day. You get to decide.

2. Make it Inviting
Make everyone feel at ease on the day of your wedding ceremony. Simple amenities, like tissues, mints, and small bottles of water can be at the ready as your guests arrive. Be sure to have accommodations for anyone with special needs, such as individuals in a wheelchair. Everyone should be comfortable as they join you on this special day.

3. Think of Ways to Involve Others
Find ways for special people in your lives to play a role in the wedding. Your attendants or other close family and friends could do readings, sing or play music. Choose someone near to your heart to video tape. Ask an assortment of friends and relatives to document the day on their cameras. You’d be surprised at what wonderful pictures you will have from those who love you.

4. Get to Know Your Officiate
Get a good sense of your officiate and let that person get to know the both of you. Share highlights about one another to make the wedding ceremony as personal as possible. Your dream reception at Highland Gardens will cap off the day.