Wedding Toasts Ideas without Champagne

Wedding toasts are one of those traditions that some brides love and others despair over. The sweet stories from your friends, the recounting of your best traits from your family, the night you both got drunk and never wanted revisited brought up by your cousin… While champagne is the traditional drink, sometimes an alternative needs to be found whether for personal reasons or due to the event center. Instead of resorting to the cliché and overused white grape juice or sparkling cider (which is a delicious and completely viable alternative) here are some other options for a champagne free wedding toast.

Sparkling Juice or Soda

It looks like champagne and has the fun carbonation based bubbles but comes in a variety of delightful flavors. Just think! You can color coordinate your drinks with your wedding; so many natural sodas come without color nowadays, add a little tasteless organic food coloring and you have multiple flavors in one or more colors.

Non-Alcoholic Wine

Certain wineries are now releasing bottles of wine prior to the fermentation process, while similar to truly delicious grape juice; it would add a fancy touch to your big day. Also the bottle works as a memento and allows you to have a bottle of the drink you had at your wedding stored for your anniversary.

Drink in Hand

There is also the option of having people use whatever is in their glass for the toast, this would be ideal for more low key weddings and is very easy to put into effect. It also puts the focus more on the words of the toast maker and less on the person passing around the champagne to make sure you fill up. This has been one of the more preferred options in recent years.

Ultimately you need to do something meaningful to you and your partner while remaining in your budget. It is your wedding, if you want to toast with green Kool-Aid do that! Take advantage of your special day to be unique in a fun way with your new spouse.